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Since 2007, Ethylene Strategies International, LP (ESI) is a private client advisor to many of the largest petrochemical and midstream companies in the US and several in international markets that have exposure to US petrochemical markets. Our team includes members with decades of industry, market, plant and management experience:

Mark W. Woods - President

35+ years managing businesses, developing relationships & consulting in the petrochemical and energy sectors.

Deep knowledge of petrochemicals & energy including:

  • Research chemist for plastic resin research and development resulting in variety of US and foreign patents
  • Development of statistical process control for plastic production and quality assurance.
  • Commercial management and olefins sales at ChevronPhillips Chemical ($2 billion in annual sales).
  • Ethylene and polyethylene purchasing for large ethylene consumer.
  • Managed oil and gas exploration company.
  • Developed proprietary trading models for olefins and NGL commodity markets.
  • Licensed proprietary trading models to select client for low risk trading of petrochemical products with a > 85% success rate. From 2008 to 2013 directed speculative trading of small positions in ethylene and ethane for annual profits of $1.5 to $6 million. Directed trading of only contract purchased ethylene in 2015 and 2016 for average annual profits of $2.0 million
  • Minority partner and principle trader in Ethylene/NGL in trading JV in 2009 & 2010. Divested of JV in 2011 due to conflict of trading protocols with majority partner.
  • Served as expert witness for several ethylene and NGL legal disputes.

Bruce A. Bush - Executive Vice President

40+ years manufacturing & commercial management in refining, chemicals & NGL's.

Technical, operational, & commercial leadership positions in petrochemicals & energy:

  • Process, project, & operations engineering at refinery and NGL production facilities.
  • Corporate project management of large production improvement projects.
  • Operations management of crude oil refinery.
  • Commercial management of olefin and NGL businesses.
  • Operations management of ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol plant.
  • Development of petrochemicals and NGL forecasting models utilizing Monte Carlo statistical techniques.
  • Negotiate long term olefin and NGL contracts using Monte Carlo statistical techniques.
  • Evaluate proprietary product pipeline connectivity for olefins and NGLs.

Erik Dobson - Economist

9+ years analytical support energy and petrochemical markets for manufacturing and trading purposes.

  • Fundamental and statistical supply and demand analysis to support pricing forecasts for various energy, NGL, and petrochemical products.
  • Fundamental energy and NGL research and analysis.
  • Energy business development and marketing for new oil and gas production.
  • Energy and NGL trade confirmations and imbalance resolution for marketed products Petrochemical and NGL pipeline and connectivity mapping.
  • Statistical analysis of petrochemicals and NGL markets for trading purposes

Brian Schweigel - Chief Operating Officer

30+ years of experience in finance, acquisitions, and risk management. He also has significant experience in responsibility for the commercial side of the businesses he's owned and developed.

  • After getting his CPA, spent multiple years gaining experience in public accounting.
  • Developed and ran the tax department for Old World Industries, Inc. an automotive and industrial chemicals company focused primarily on consumer products such as Peak Antifreeze.
  • Developed information and imaging systems to allow most of Old World's transactions to be handled electronically.
  • Chief Financial Officer and shareholder with additional responsibilities for insurance and risk management, bank and lending relationships, as well as the company's financial reporting functions.
  • Joined Old World's Chairman in leading an effort to backward integrate the company's consumer products businesses. Lead on the due diligence teams that purchased Celanese ethylene oxide unit in Pasadena, TX, blow molding plants in Atlanta and Northeast Indiana, and eventually developing an oil and gas business. During this period, Old World Revenues grew from $170 million to nearly $900 million.
  • Create and manage institutional oil and gas investment funds ~200 institutional investors.

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